Multirotor SIM – Drone Simulator For Tizen Phones

Download this first drone simulator app for your Tize phone “Multirotor SIM”, a flight drone simulator with realistic actions and controls.

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If you haven’t experience flying a drone before, the Multirotor SIM will surely let you feel how it’s like to fly a drone. In the game, you also have a joystick including the throttle control, tilt, hover and roam the city with your drone, complete with pedestrians and vehicles. The game has several levels with different required missons, it’s not a race but you have to complete each required mission to earn coins and go forward to the next level.

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Everytime that you completed the mission; you will earn coins that can be used to upgrade your drone from tricopter to quadcopter or hexacopter. You can also use the coins to purchase accessories or upgrade the parts of your drone such as batteries, motors or GPS module.

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It is a pretty cool drone simulator with realistic physics engine, employing several factors that you will experienced in flying a drone such as wind speed, weight of drone, engine power and inertia. Experience flying a drone with Multiroto SIM but be careful, just like in the real world , your drone can experience damages or worst destroyed, and this will cost you money (coins) to repair your drones.


Three game modes:

  1. Free flight in the city. Collect coins. Perform acrobatic tricks and cartwheels in all sides and earn bonus coins.
  2. Racing on the crowded city streets. Collect time at every checkpoint. Gained time will turn into coins on the finishing point.
  3. Kill zombies in various ways. Make a trap on the roof edge and the road. Kill them with artillery attack.

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